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Fuller enthusiastically advocated his theory. “Right now, the transport route is two-sided. Titatitan Star was only one end of it, so Maklou also has the right to turn the tables. As long as we have Maklou tied to our battle plans, we can ignore the rest, including HU Shipping. Of course, we can’t fall out with them, so we will prepare shares for them. Everyone would have an easy life. I believe no one would reject such a huge interest!”


González’s senses were tingling. The Blackheart Arts were coalescing within his body. His knife speed increased again. In the dark, the titanium knife was like a vampire, glinting with an evil, dark-red light. Such a light would definitely confound the eye, and even camouflage the attacker.


At that moment, Lin Feng sighed. He bowed slightly. “Wang Zheng, we owe you one. In the qualifiers, the Aslan people will retreat. But if we meet in the actual competition, we will show no mercy.”


The first was to be cruelly simple and abandon Yan Xiaosu, turning to work with Margate Interstellar Airline. She was not oblivious to the fact that some in her family were secretly in contact with Margate.


Xie Yuxin felt that everyone was demoralized, and he smiled wryly. This is not as serious you think it is. We still have a chance to leave, and there is more than one way, but the last option is our last resort.


And the members from Aslan’s three teams were even more aggressive now. Even if they died, they would not let the Princess marry anyone outside of Aslan. They did not know why the Prime Minister had chosen this course of action, but as Aslan people, they would rather die than see the Princess marry a foreigner. This would be the greatest shame of the Aslan Empire.

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According to rumours, Wang Zheng and Aslan had a very complicated relationship. But one thing was certain: they were being targeted now. The current match-up was going to completely annihilate the Saruman Snake battle team. Apparently, there was a belief that there was an ability among the people with Ability X to interfere with the drawing, and they were able to do so without anyone’s knowledge. Of course, these were just speculations.


González’s footwork was fixed, in support of his knife’s movements. But Wang Zheng’s Plum Blossom Footwork had a myriad of variations that encompassed all sorts of changes. When Wang Zheng had first started training it, it had been painful and bone-breaking. And such extreme training made his currently extreme situation seem less extreme. Another thing which threw González’s judgement off was that Wang Zheng did not feel pain, and there was no opening like he had expected.


“Go away, you female pervert!” Huiyin hurriedly made her escape. Ouyang Ruoliu’s face was the picture of innocence.


Marshall did not know, but he was very nervous. Everyone, I want your full alert!


Undoubtedly, he had utterly ignited the flames of anger of Aslans warriors. As people who knew the true reason, both Jondi Lilick and Si Jiali did not dream that Wang Zheng would have the courage to utter such words in front of Kashawen.


Lin Feng did not care for Lear. Lin Feng knew about the intentions of these ambitious people who had climbed up from the bottom all too well. It was easy to deal with such people: with oppression. As soon as they were oppressed, they would kneel and be suppressed, and would never act out again. They would not dare to. They had too many misgivings. But if they were given a chance, they would make false counter-charges.


Although speed was ineffective, it was still an important factor in the battlefield. Undoubtedly, while the streaming movement would be susceptible to being captured when attacking the Knight of Holy Light, it would be useful as a method for evading as it was difficult to judge the movement.



The Heavenly Dragon Knight’s alloy lance broke following the echo of Satie’s blow-up. The Mad Mob followed suit, moving in to give a kick in the knee, and at the same time, the axes collided.



The sharp, alloy bayonet effortlessly pierced through the Mist Killers skull and into the brain. However, the expected scene of blood spurting everywhere didnt happen. All they heard was the sound of something being punctured, and suddenly, the huge head deflated like a punctured basketball. Xie Yuxin twisted his bayonet and saw a strange bug, about the size of an infants fist, struggling for awhile on the bayonet before dying.


The Aslan royal family had always insisted on leading by example. Although there might be some playboys or wastrels in the royal family, such individuals would be removed from the royal family and have their royal status stripped. This is what made the Aslan royal family powerful.


Lie Xin could only helplessly watch her attack yield no result and could do nothing about it. Her body was already losing control. She was beginning to lose consciousness.

  • Achilles did not reply, except the Heavenly King mech posed for battle. Menlo frowned. He had done his part and given him fair warning. If his opponent was seeking death, it would not be his fault.
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