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Frankly, she could not tell. It was like being a celebrity. Others could give you some face and friendliness, but in actuality, it was no use.


Surprisingly, Prince Hao Lin gave them comfort. As always, he was not concerned about the outcome of the match, as long as everyone had done their best.


In the cockpit, a military-grade injection had already been pierced into the neck. González had always had the means to bring it in. In fact, the organizing committee did not even consider this possibility. This injection was very rare, so nobody expected it to be used during SIG.


Battuta’s Ability X exploded, and his momentum was imposing and majestic. The power of the earth sweeping wave after wave. This was the crux between the tanks. Once the tank was chosen, be it tactics or character, there was the desire to give it all.


This seemingly soft and weak strike cut through the raging waves of power like a knife through butter and charged towards Dina Atlas.


The Arbiter people’s eyes were filled with killing intent, but there was no use. It was just the anguished wails of the weak. Mars had also destroyed many people the same way.

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Zhuo Yun was on for the third match, but it was of little use. If Aslan had not taken into consideration the feelings of the audience, they would have finished off their opponent within a minute. However, Srepenier still gave his opponent an opportunity to perform a little. He then steadily defeated Zhou Yun.


“Your Highness, I’ve also just received the intelligence. Your Highness, you…”


Such a test was not absolute, but it could reflect a fighter’s current state to a large extent. And at present, Aslan was perhaps the only one in the world capable of providing these three figures.


“Oh, I’ve been too busy all this while. Gabre and I will go too. We could also see the heroic bearing of the boss!” said Jasper. Gabre nodded quickly. The two of them had already admired Wang Zheng from head to toe. Although Yan Xiaosu had not revealed anything, Jasper and Gabre could guess that Wang Zheng had likely shown his true strength. Sure enough, one strike was enough to annihilate his competitors.


Since then, the Phantom King no longer existed in Atlantis. Similarly, Wang Zheng also paid a heavy price. He could not take part in the finals. Eventually, the Solar System team was thrashed by Arbiter team.


Back at the home base of the Sword Shield Rose battle team, Lin Feng and his team had not been at the base for the past few days. Instead, they had been training by themselves, focusing on their specialties. The resources that they could use were beyond what others could compare to.


Some people may not have thought much about the top eight and believed that only the champion deserved the attention. However, this was not the truth. The current top eight were already the hottest talking point amongst the military schools and even the comprehensive schools. Of course, they had treated this as a sports competition. As such, their enthusiasms were number one. Even the quadrennial Pan Milky Way Alliance University beauty pageant could only be ranked second.



This was, without a doubt, a battle of the titans. Both teams’ confidence were at the peak. Once the mecha entered the battlefield, they moved quickly forward into the center of the arena.



After seeing Achilles wild performance in the first match, those that placed their hopes on Lie Xin felt their hearts sinking. Things seem to be going badly.


A huge digital figure reflected in Ruhrut’s eyes. As someone with more than twenty years of experience travelling in deep space as a ship captain, Ruhrut almost immediately could tell that there was a problem. “Turn on all engines, fly off with the fastest speed…”


Qiankun Zadeh’s killing power continued to rise, and the aura began to solidify. If it could be said that González’s fight was full of ** and still could not be decided, then Qiankun Zadeh would be even more focused. With no regard to reputation or anything else, he would simply kill Wang Zheng, and render him unable to sully Aslan’s dignity any further.

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