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Under the stimulation of these spiritual shackles, everything seemed to darken. Regardless of which element one possessed, the dark power was one of a kind. Intruding in an instant, a single shriek would kill the weak-minded instantly. González’s strength would be enhanced when a person died to this ability. One fifth of the opponents’ power would basically be absorbed. González was nicknamed the Ghost King not because he was skilled at using the Ghost Warrior, but rather because of this devouring ability. Although unrespectable, it was brutally ruthless.


“Aina, let’s head back. Wang Zheng is quite brave. If he can emerge from these circumstances, then he is just about qualified to talk to a princess.” Kashawen smiled slightly.


Had that strike been struck a little higher, the damage would not be limited to the mech but would have taken Locatelli’s life as well. The others might not know, but Locatelli would surely understand this, especially given his skill level.


Thus, there would always be special reactions after a Wood element warrior advanced to Earth-rank. This was why he did not try the Five Elements, but focused only on the Wood element. The Wood element of the Five Elements was already profound, and also the easiest to exhibit the trait-type ability. It was sufficient to master this deadly trick, and one would not need to take such a big detour like Wang Zheng.


Lin Feng looked up and looked around the arena. “I want to dedicate an exciting battle to the world in this great Aslan arena. I hope that my opponent will do the same. Regardless of the outcome, no regrets. Let me show you the greatness of the Mayans!”


The Wind Gods movement speed was fast. The magnetic force in Luo Feis hands was used proficiently and the temporary energy shield countered the lasers. He continued to close the distance.

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Of course, Governor Bosh had given them some face, and sent his aide to facilitate the exchange, rather than chasing them away with his guards.


Wang Zheng was at Zhang Shans. Zhang Shan was still in the capsule. He would need to be in there for an extended period of time since his injuries were more serious. Also, his absorption was not as good as Wang Zhengs. Wang Zheng spoke to the doctors. They were optimistic about Zhang Shans condition, but it wasnt the time to wake Zhang Shan up. It would be best to let him recover in his current state.


Every battle team from all nations were watching. Obviously, it was a headache for the technicians. They needed to grasp the key issue of the problem. They needed to break the code; otherwise, they would be suppressed.


Actually, Luo Er understood Ai Xiaolus intentions completely. However, this girl very often did not seem to understand herself. When she considered her needs, it was naturally because there was a mutual understanding. But mostly, it was still because of Wang Zheng. Thus, Luo Er felt that this was more real. She did not believe in love without reason.


Laurel did not speak. She was conflicted as well. This was not just business, but also about the relationship between them. Jasper had given the choice to Laurel.


However, he had also forgotten that hidden forces were also a realm. As the oldest family, the Heavenly King family possessed the skill that could bring out the optimal hidden forces.


Their progression journey was very easy and relaxed. Even the reserves could easily achieve a victory. While the strengths of Sea Queen were one factor, many teams lost their resistance to fight as soon as they faced Sea Queen. This had allowed such strengths to grow even more suppressing.



Truthfully, this type of power-type super warrior was very difficult to deal with. The most effective restraint for this type was the trait type. For instance, Jondi Lilicks Death Vines were especially effective to deal with this type. However, Achilles fancy universal gravitational ability was somewhat ineffective against the power-type.



Clearly, González had also seen Wang Zheng’s battle footage. At this level, pros could always find the counter if they had watched the move enough. Even if it was not the perfect counter, they would not be left helpless.


As for the attacking scout and fighter positions, it felt like they would use it first, for obvious effects. As for the tanks and snipers, they could use it more defensively. There was no frequency, and using it to proactively attack did not seem like it would be that effective. Of course, these were just general rules. One’s reaction on the spot would be more important.


Wang Zheng smiled slightly. Truly a professional soldier. This reaction was really astonishing. His trajectory curved, then teleportation, followed by a sudden lunging stab, were still not quick enough, otherwise the Ghost Warrior would not have gotten out.

  • The strongest Earth-rank warrior. This meant that Lin Feng possessed an Earth-rank five strength, or something that was close to it. Furthermore, given his experiences and his possession of the power of the major five elements, he was stronger in every aspect compared to Wang Zheng. Even if Wang Zheng was the miracle man, what could his X standing be? Top one hundred? Or top fifty?
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